Our Fishbowl Members

So that you know all your neighbors swimming around in our waters, below is the list of our DB-Fishbowl email list members along with their state.

Adrienne Haugen, Minnesota
Angela Palmer, California
Anne Baynton, Minnesota
Cathy Miller, Louisiana
Darlene Laibl-Crowe, Florida
Dianne B Phelps
Elizabeth Spiers, Virginia
Gaston Bedard, Quebec, Canada
Joyce Bruno,
Judy Groner, Ohio
Kacie Weldy, Indiana
Kim Paulk, New York
Laurie McBride, Iowa
Lynn Jansen, Ohio
Marie Anne Fousek, California
Mary Hale, Missouri
Michael Jansen, Ohio
Mitch Turbin, Oregon
Pam Bilyeu, Wisconsin
Randy Pope, Maryland
Robby Spicer, Virginia
Ruth Silver, Wisconsin [deceased, and co-founder of the DB Speaking Group] (See web link Ruth Silver - Remembered)
Scott Davert, North Carolina
Shari Atchison, Wisconsin
Susan Herring, Florida
Tammy Paradis, Connecticut
Tom Van Arman, Pennsylvania
Valerie Luther, Virginia
Wendy Williams, Minnesota